STYLE      31.08.23


PhotograpHY: Valerio Nico

Production: PaOLA Nerilli

Photo Assistant: Caterina Colapietro

Production Assistant: Giorgio Grimaldi

Models: Denny Crudo; Vito Spada; Mr. Nicola; DONATO

Mr. Maurizio; Sasha Alessandro Furio; Mr. Stefano; Francesco Paolo Grassi


Slam Jam teams up again with photographer Valerio Nico for FW’23, dressing up his fictional characters as they go about their day. New arrivals for the season include ERL, Aries, Satisfy, Asics, Acne Studios and Dr Martens, featured here on the shooting.

The journey is set up somewhere south, early September. An abrupt comeback to duties, filled with check ups at the doctor, calls, texts and uneasy relaxation sessions. Nico’s photography takes a reportage approach on scenes he creates himself, with the goal of showcasing absurd, funny details that can make you see the ordinary with a forgiving eye.
An amused one even.

Overall, why so serious?

Look again at your surroundings and think about what you’ll wear next.

Product preview only for Shogun App.
Denim Jacquard Star Overshirt Light Blue ERL
Metal Trip Batten Jeans Blue Aries
Dégradé Gradient Sweater Blue / Red / White ERL
Camion Boots Black Our Legacy
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