EVENTS       13.02.2024

Champion Wtaps event recap

PHOTOGRAPHY: Antonio Giancaspro

Installation: MRZB

Music: Ringo Noko


Japanese label WTAPS and Champion have come together once again for this "Academy” collection, showcasing a fresh take in fleece material. Embracing a predominantly black and orange palette, the collaboration features revised hood and pocket shapes, adorned with Champion's "C" branding and WTAPS iconic logo patches. For the occasion, Slam Jam hosted an immersive tailor-made retail installation merging the two brands DNA spotlighting the contrast and simirarities.


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WTAPS Academy Hooded Sweatshirt Orange Champion
WTAPS Academy Sweatpants Black Champion
WTAPS Academy Crewneck Sweatshirt Orange Champion
WTAPS Academy Crewneck T-Shirt Black Champion
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