CULTURE       20.04.20


Words by Andrea Lazarov

Video by GeorgiaStudio

The harp is considered to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, while hemp is possibly one of the earliest plants to have been cultivated. Dating back to ancient Egypt, both music and cannabis have gone hand-in hand throughout history. Today Slam Jam takes a fresh new look at this long-standing relationship by creating the Arpabong, a symbiotic multi-functional object that merges a harp with a bong and celebrates the harmony between marijuana and melodies.

Weed has fueled a long list of legendary bangers. From Louis Armstrong to Aphex Twin, musicians have written jams high on reefer and composed songs about the herb itself. Entire music genres such as reggae have been so interlocked with ripping marijuana that no one knows anymore if reggae was a result of grass-smoking-sessions or the use of cannabis was popularised because of reggae.

Chronic aficionados and music have shared a unique bond for years, and studies are now showing weedologists there might be some real science to back it up. While high on ganja our hearing range is enhanced and we perceive sounds at higher frequencies. THC alters our perception of time and space, as it increases our sensitivity which makes us experience songs at a greater intensity. And ultimately, cannabinoids boost the activity in the parietal area of the brain, allowing us to process music differently and establish new relationships with soundscapes that enable a higher level of sonic comprehension.

The Arpabong is intended as a recreational design piece, but also aims to spark a conversation around the benefits of cannabis consumption. It was conceived in a joint effort with the artist Verynicensleazy to celebrate 4/20—Kush's international day. It’s the ultimate instrument: with the Arpabong you can play like an angel and fly closer to God. A sneak peek of the Arpabong will be premiered in a video created by the New York-based GeorgiaStudio before disclosing the object at While you wait for the Arpabong to drop in the real world we suggest you get totally baked on Mary Jane and listen to a psycho-spiritual mix curated by GeorgiaStudio.


Arpabong 'String Token'
by Georgia

Georgia presents 1 hour of original music made to introduce you to the psycho-spiritual sound of the Arpabong.