STYLE      10.11.23


Fenty X Puma bets on Avanti sneakers.

Mindful of the current football craze, this seems like the perfect shoe to walk the walk. Avanti is an unconventional mix, blending the high-quality leather design of the King football boot with the outsole of the heritage running shoe, Easy Rider. Jil Sander made its own pair of King boots in 1998 and it was the first ever partnership between a luxury fashion brand and a sportswear one, very successful at that too.

This football-inspired silhouette finds a perfect fit in everyday life. We visualized how people would take the city, making their way into the streets and through multiple crowds. The key-word is dribbling. The look is vintage-inspired, just like the new colorways that just dropped: a dark myrtle and club navy. The shoe is unisex, available in kids sizes too. It’s for everyone.

Fenty X Puma has been on a 5-years hiatus. The first Avanti drop happened in September, Rihanna herself mentioned the strong football influence behind such a come-back and it is truly fascinating to see the sport’s newly found influence take over. The first drop featured a silver and black colorway. Whatever you choose, it seems difficult to go wrong.

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