CULTURE       28.10.21


Video: Ernesto Garcia Delgadillo

Skateboarding has always been a relevant part of our DNA, both as a cultural incubator and a physical propeller from whose subculture Slam Jam has drawn inspiration throughout the years.

Devised at the dawn of the new millenium, Slam Jam Brigade was the first attempt to give birth to a wide-range community driven and retained by the shared nears to the skateboard subculture;
 a concept embodied by Slam Trick, an open contest to propel the Italian skateboarding landscape.

To celebrate the skate month, Slam Jam dedicated a special drop from the Archivio along with Milan skate community.

During the first episode of 'Free Session' at our Spazio Maiocchi, skaters engaged with six-piece black painted metal sculpture creating endless possibilities of interaction through his destructuring, while igniting new formats of social and collaborative moments.