STYLE      30.09.22



The world won’t end - but I know that change will come quickly, quickly in the form of a torrent of calamity. Often I think about the coming days, the ones during the inevitable transition towards adaptation and survival and wonder what we will carry with us. Our faith, historic idiosyncrasies, dedication to capital and ritual violence will too need to adapt in a world that we were told would never exist. How do we approach the days we have left as they are? We try to make the most of them as we could be the last to have such fortune but I struggle with the persistent thought, should I be prepping for tomorrow’s performance today?

Using powerhouse Slam Jam’s presentation of the Stone Island chromatic camouflage collection as a jumping off point, this work explores the languages of survival, masculinity, hunting, fishing, faith and violence through a series of photographs, graphic art and visual research. Layers of intimacy and humor are also present creating a tension within the publication that functions as a counterpoint to the absolutist nature of doomsday thinking. Collectively this series is a rumination on how we will evolve both culturally and spiritually in a world shaped by the consequence of our desires.

The collection is now available on our site and at our Ferrara's store (Via F. Ferrari 37/A), where a release party is set for Sept. 30th from 6 p.m. on. Limited capacity, RSVP here.