STYLE       27.06.22


Grailed and Slam Jam are partnering for the first time to shed light on memorable and archival pieces from around the world. As Slam Jam’s Founder, Luca Benini, puts it, “I think we share a pretty simple vision, we are constantly with the people we serve and dialogue with. We do what we like and do it for the culture.”

Grailed is flying their community’s top seller, Ali Azizi, from New York to Paris to set up shop in Slam Jam’s exclusive Paris Fashion Week Pop-Up. The 5-day event, running from June 22nd through June 26th, will give visitors the chance to explore and shop 100 hand-curated pieces from the seller in addition to pieces from Slam Jam’s TKTK archive. The selection will feature PFW- ready grails, ranging from Lanvin to Chrome Hearts. Azizi, known as @viadeiservei on Grailed, has built a fully-fledged business on the marketplace, boasting around 8,000 transactions that have resulted in more than $1 million USD in annual sales. Azizi’s presence at Paris Fashion Week demonstrates Grailed and Slam Jam’s mission to put the future of fashion commerce in the hands of the community.

Both Parisian locals and tourists alike will have a chance to browse a selection they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Click here for Ali Azizi's or Luca Benini's interviews.

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